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My name is Hans Meeuwisse, 56 years old, I am collecting phonecards since 2000, but only with trains/trams. Since 2005 I have my own website ( where you can find most of my collection (over 7000 phonecards, only trains/trams). I collect not only phonecards, but also stamps (only mint), KRD, magnets, tickets, sugar bags, beer coasters and many more related with train/tram/metro.
But phonecards are the main collection items. However who can offer me pocketcalendars (with trains/trams) is welcome to email me.
Also I have a lot of stamps for swap. If it says mint, it is MNH, if it says nothing or used, it means mint but stamped.
Since I collect only MNH you get more used stamps of course.
I have also for sale or swap a lot of complete years of Sovjet Union, Russia, Estonia, Latvia etc. as well as a lot of Germany (DDR and BRD) and DISNEY . Of course also a lot of stamps not yet on Colnect. Do not hesitate to contact me if you want to know something about a particular stamp or condition.

I will be happy to swap with anyone who can offer items I do not yet have in my collection.

I wish you much pleasure going through my site and if there are any questions you can always email me.
Best regards, Hans...

I have a lot of cards for sale or exchange if you like.