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Managing your personal collection online is one of the site's biggest advantages. When viewing items you may add them to either of these lists:

  • Collection - items you currently have in your collection.
  • Swap - items you currently have and want to offer others.
  • Wish - items you want to receive from others.

Updating your lists properly will also help you easily find collectors to exchange with. Take a look at our unique Best Matches and Auto-Matching features and we hope they will ROCK your world!

NOTE! It is PROHIBITED to mark items you do not physically have on your collection or swap lists. Breaking this rule may lead to your account being deactivated without warning.

NOTE! Only collectors who have modified their collections in the last 90 days will be displayed on the active collectors list.

How to do it?

Make sure you're logged in to the site. Sign Up, it's FREE. When you view a single item page or an items list page (example: coin page or stamp page ) , there are controls with the titles 'Collection', ' Swap' and 'Wish'. Use the checkboxes to add or remove items from your lists. You can mark the quantity and condition of the item by clicking or hovering your cursor over the diamond and star and choosing from the menu. You may also use the text controls to add public notes. That's it.

Personal Collection

Whenever you make an update to your lists, they can be easily accessed. See: My Lists.

You will appear on Collectors Inventory lists. You may choose to hide yourself using the "Privacy options" available on the My Account page. TIP: You can use "Tell Your Friends" (even if they are not registered) so that they may see your lists.

Buy List / Sell List

These lists are available with Premium Membership. Unlike Custom Personal Lists, collectibles added to these lists appear on the Collectors Inventory section of each single collectible item page.

When adding collectibles to these lists it is best to put the relevant price in the public note box. We suggest using world-popular currencies and use their 3 letter code rather than symbol. Example: USD is always US dollar, but the $ sign has different meaning in different countries.

NOTE! Prices you quote must be valid. You may add details regarding trades on your personal page under My Account. Complaints received regarding invalid prices (for example: you offered to sell an item for a certain price but later asked for a higher price) will be investigated. NOTE! If you are found dishonest, your Colnect account may be deactivated without any refunds.

Hide Edit Boxes

When viewing a collectibles list page (example), too many edit boxes may make it uncomfortable to work with. You may choose to hide some of the edit boxes. See: My Lists. No collectibles will be removed from your lists when the edit boxes are hidden.


How do I match my lists to lists of other collectors for swaps and trades?

Use Colnect's unique Best Matches and Auto-Matching features to find the best collectors to interact with. You can also take a look at the Collectors Inventory Lists to find collectors who have or want specific items you are interested in.

Can I mark many items at once?

Premium Members can use the Quick Mark feature to mark an entire list with one click.

Can I have private item notes?

Premium Members have the option to add Private Item Notes.

If you have any questions or comments, please post on our Forums.