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Colnect's catalogs are built by member collectors.

Add to the catalogs. If you are unable to find some of your collectibles on Colnect, you may help yourself and the other members by updating Colnect.

Add NEW catalogs. Don't see a catalog for a collectible you are interested in? You can help create a new catalog on Colnect. All Colnect catalogs are a result of an initiative of at least one collector. Colnect's platform is suitable for all mass-produced collectibles. We welcome and encourage any willing collector to suggest and lead a new category on Colnect. We promise to consider each suggestion and, if accepted, cooperate to make your suggestion into the base of a new live online catalog.

What is needed to start a new catalog?


First we need to decide if the category is suitable for Colnect. Start with posting your suggestion on the New Categories forum. There we will start the discussion. Please include information about your suggested category: Do you know of any existing catalog, collector groups or sites for this collectible? Do collectors usually exchange items? Do collectors usually have large collections? Please include links and examples wherever possible.

Second we need a Coordinator. A category can only start once we have a willing coordinator. The coordinator will be involved in the creation and maintenance of the new category. A coordinator is the main person to push the category forward, is responsible for the contributors and editors. Please consider being the coordinator of your suggested category. If you are not sure if coordination is right for you, you can consult other Colnect administrators and collectors on your forum post.

Third we need sources of information. Can you add your collection to the catalog? Maybe collector friends or a collector group you are familiar with would like to cooperate? Perhaps you know of an existing website that has information? Either way, it will be time to brainstorm the seeds of the catalog. Don't worry, we will find it together.


Once we have all those ingredients it will be time to plan the category. We will need your help to decide how the new category should be presented in Colnect. It may not be very easy to create a new category but not as hard as it may first seem.

How will collectors navigate the new category? On our phone cards section navigation may start with country, then company, then series and then a list. On our stamps section we usually start with country, then series and then a list. These options for navigation can be extended. Please clearly state your vision of how navigation would be best for collectors.

Once you are comfortable with the data fields you have selected you are ready to create a new NIF for the new category. Take one of the existing NIFs (of a category with similar navigation and fields) and change the names of the columns to what you think is best. Enter sample information of a few items and send the new NIF for inspection.

When your new NIF format is approved, work can begin. You can also ask other collectors to help by filling information in NIFs. When the new category contains enough useful information to interest collectors, it will become public.

Creating a new category could take long or short, each new category is different and depends on its qualities and on those willing to build it. Either way, each such journey starts with a single forum post.

If you have any questions or comments, please post on our Forums.