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Colnect's catalogs are built by member collectors . If you are unable to find some of your collectibles on Colnect, you may help yourself and the other members by updating Colnect. You do not have to have the complete information but what you submit should be accurate. Later, other members may help by adding a missing picture or piece of information.

How can I contribute?

The detailed instructions are found here: Catalog Contribution Guidelines.

Thanks in advance for your help.

What about different kinds of collectibles?

Colnect currently fully supports Banknotes, Bottle Caps, Stamps, Coins and Phonecards. However, the platform is suitable for all mass-produced collectibles.

If you wish to start a new collectibles section, please Contact Us.

We will need your help to decide how the new category should be presented in Colnect. It may not be very easy to create a new category but not as hard as it may first seem. Please answer the following questions regarding the new category:

  • Are there any catalogs for that category? Please mention as many catalogs as you know. Add links if they are on-line or send a few page scans if not.
  • Which data fields are relevant to each collectible item in the category? Take a look at some single item page of current categories. Now think how the single item page of the new category should look like.
  • How will collectors navigate the new category? On our phone cards section navigation may start with country, then company, then series and then a list. On our stamps section we usually start with country, then series and then a list. These options for navigation can be extended. Please clearly state your vision of how navigation would be best for collectors.

Once you are comfortable with the data fields you have selected you are ready to create a new NIF for the new category. Take one of the existing NIFs (of a category with similar navigation and fields) and change the names of the columns to what you think is best. Enter sample information of a few items and send the new NIF for inspection.

When your new NIF format is approved, work can begin. You can also ask other collectors to help by filling information in NIFs. When the new category contains enough useful information to interest collectors, it will become public. You can choose to become the database coordinator for the new category and manage updates from other collectors.