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1 anniversary of the re-integration of Bessarabia (3)1 anniversary of the re-integration of Bukovina (3)1 year since death of Gheorghe Gheorgiu-Dej (2)1,600 Years City of Buzau (1)10 years from the union of Basarabia (7)10 Years of Intl.Trade Unions Association (2)10 Years of Romgaz (1)10 Years Romanian Socialist Republic (1)10 Years since Romania joined NATO (2)100 Years - Romanian Athletic Federation (2)100 years from the birth of Emil Racovita (1)100 years from the birth of S. Luchian (1)100 years from the birth of V.I.Lenin (1)100 Years National Theatre 'I.L. Caragiale' (1)100 Years of Alexandru Ioan Cuza University (1)100 Years of Biospeleology - Emil Racovita (5)100 years of Bucharest Botanical Garden (10)100 years of Bucharest Botanical Garden - unperforated (9)100 Years of Constanta Harbour (2)100 Years of FIFA (5)100 Years of International Olympic Comittee (5)100 Years of Petroleum Industry (3)100 Years of Romanian Army (7)100 years of Romanian railway (1)100 Years of Romanian Stamps (11)100 Years Romanian Artillery (7)100 years Romanian press (1)100 years Romanian press; Press Week (6)100th Aniversary Of 1848 Revolution Overprinted (5)100th ann. of the death of Constantin Daniel Rosenthal. (4)100th Anniv. of Unification of Wallachia and Moldavia (1)100th Anniversary of 1848 Revolution (5)100th anniversary of Ion Andreescu (4)100th anniversary of Ion Negulici. (1)100th anniversary of lon Luca Caragiale (2)100th anniversary of Nicolae Balcescu (1)100th anniversary of Nikolai Gogol (1)100th Anniversary of the death of Nikolai W.Gogol (1)100th Birth Day of Ciprian Porumbescu (1)100th Birth Day of Ion Georgescu (1)100th Birth Day of Ion Luca Caragiale (4)100th Birth Day of Iwan W. Mitschurin (1)100th Birthday of Petre Ispirescu (7)100th Birthday of Victor Babes (1)100th Death Anniversary of Jules Verne (5)100th Death Day of Barbu Iscovescu (1)10th Anniv. of Fall of Fascism (5)10th Anniv. of Romanian People's Republic (3)10th anniv. of School Reform (1)10th anniv. of the end of World War II (1)10th Anniversary of Collective Farming (9)10th Anniversary of the Annexation of Transylvania (6)10th Death Anniversary of Emil Racovita (2)10th Death Anniversary of Idel Ianchelevici (2)10th Death Day of Bancila (1)10th International Bicycle Peace Race (2)10th World Petroleum Congress, Bucharest (1)120 Years From The 1848 Revolution (3)125th Anniv. of Moldavia-Walachia Unification (1)125th Birth Day of Mihai Eminescu (1)125th Birth Day of Spiru Haret (1)125th Birth Day of Theodor Aman (1)135 Years since the Establishment of the Romanian Red Cross (1)140 Years of Royal Dynasty and 125 Years of Kingdom (6)15 years after the union of Dobrogea (7)150 Years - Ministry of Foreign Affairs (3)150 Years Bucharest, Capital of Romania (4)150 years from the birth of Alexandru I. Cuza (1)150 years from the birth of Ion Ionescu de la Brad (1)150 Years of the first Romanian railway line (7)150 years of the Senate of Romania (3)150 Years of Unification of Wallachia-Moldavia (3)150th ann. of Alexader Pushkin birth overprinted (1)150th Anniversary of the National University of Arts (2)150th Anniversary of the Romanian Court of Accounts (4)150th anniversary of the Romanian Savings Bank (3)15th Anniv. Of Romania's Liberation from the Germans (2)15th anniversary of Victory over fascism (4)16th aniversary of small Entente (2)1750th Ann. of Pelendava, 500th Ann. of Craiova (4)1850 Years City of Cluj-Napoca (1)1998 World Cup Soccer Championships (1)1st Anniv. of liberation for labour ward (10)2,000 Birth Day of Ovidius (1)2,000 Years City of Alba Julia (1)2,000 Years City of Petrodava (1)20 years from the Republic Proclamation (4)20 Years since Liberation (5)20 Years W.H.O. (1)200 years from Beethoven birth (1)2000th anniversary of Arad (3)200th ann. of postal reform by Prince Mavrocordat (6)2050th Anniversary of Dacia (2)20th Anniversary of Electing Nicolae Ceausescu (4)20th Anniversary of Scanteia (1)20th Century (34)20th Century Fashion (10)20th Death Day of Maxim Ghorki (1)20th Edition of George Enescu Intl. Festival and Competition (4)23rd Int. Red Cross Conference, Bucharest (1)25 Years - Victory Over Fascism (1)25 years after the O.N.U. foundation (1)25 Years Communist Newspaper 'Scanteia' (1)25 Years Engineer Society (1)25 Years From The Liberation (3)25 years of Peace Movement (1)25 Years of Sports Medicine (1)25 Years Philharmonic Orchestra (6)2500 years after the creation of the Iranian state (1)25th Ann. Romanian Labor Party (1)25th Ann. Council of Mutual Economic Assistance (1)25th ann. of Pavel Tcachenco death overprinted (1)25th Ann. Romanian Pioneers Organization (1)25th Anniv. of the Kingdom of Romania (10)25th Anniversary of Grivita Strike (2)26 Years of Greenpeace (5)2nd anniversary of the entry into the war Romania (4)2nd Anniversary Of The Nationalization Of The Economy (4)2nd Congress of Engineers and Technicians, Bucharest (2)2nd Congress of Romanian syndicates (2)30 years since the founding of the Romanian Rugby Federation (1)30th Ann. of Romanian Young Pioneers (1)30th Ann. Romania's Liberation from Fascism (2)30th Death Day of Lenin (1)3rd congress of ARLUS (1)3rd Death Aniversary Of 2 Legionaires (2)3rd National Jamboree in Mamaia (5)3rd World Women's Congress, Copenhagen (1)3th Anniversary of the Pioneer Organisation (2)4 Years of Pioneer Organization (3)40 years from the General Strike of 1920 (1)40 Years of ICAO (4)40 years of PCR (3)40th aniversary of Aurel Vlaicu first flight (2)40th Ann. of the Romanian Anti-Fascist Committee (1)40th Anniv. of the Reigning of Karl 1 (10)40th Anniversary of October Revolution (3)40th Anniversary of Workers' Revolution (1)40th Death Day of Aurel Vlaicu (1)45 years of the October Revolution (1)450th Death Day of Stephen the Great and Holy (1)4th Congress of the Intl. Women's Federation (1)4th European Conference on Sport Berchtesgaden (1)4th Sample Fair, Bucharest (10)5 Year Socialist Constitution (1)5 Years Mutual Insurance Society (2)5 Years of Friendship Romania-USSR (1)50 years - Peles Castle (3)50 Years Communist Youth League (1)50 years from the October Revolution (1)50 years from the union of Transilvania with Romania (4)50 years of air traffic in Romania (2)50 Years of Bucharest Village Museum (6)50 Years of FAO and United Nations (3)50 Years of Geographic Society (5)50 Years of ICAO (9)50 years of IFSDA (5)50 Years of Independence (12)50 years of International Railroad Union (1)50 Years of Main Post Office, Bucharest (4)50 Years of Retezat National Park (7)50 Years of Romanian Kingdom (6)50 years P.C.R. (3)50 years since Aurel Vlaicu's death (1)50 Years Vocational Schools (6)500 Years - Curtea de Arges Monastery Church (5)500 years after the death of Alexander the Good (1)500 Years of Bucharest (7)500th Ann. Defeat of the Turcs by Stephan the Great (1)500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci (1)500th Birth Day of Michelangelo (1)500th Birth Day of Nicolaus Copernicus (1)500th Death Anniversary of Stephen the Great (8)500th Death Day of Ioan de Hunedoara (1)50th Ann. Dock Worker's Strike in Galati (1)50th Anniv. of Traian Vuia's First Flight (1)50th Anniversary of Peasants Uprising (1)50th Death Day of T. Neculuta (1)520th Anniv. of the Peasant Uprising of Boblina (2)550 years from the death of Mircea the Old (1)550 Years of Bucharest (5)5th Ann. of the People's Republic (1)5th anniv. of the liberation of Romania by the Soviet army (2)5th Anniversary of Pioneers Palace, Bucharest (3)60 Years of the Army Sport Club Steaua (2)60 Years of UTC (6)60 Years Olympic Committee of Romania (1)600 Years of Iasi (6)60th Birth Day of Wladimir Majakowski (1)60th Birthday of King Ferdinand I (12)60th Death Day of Gheorghe Tattarescu (1)65 Years of UTC (3)65th Anniv. of Romanian Unification (2)6th Conference of Postal Ministers (1)7 Years Collective Agriculture (2)70 Years Romanian Railways (6)70th Death Day of Karl Marx (1)75 Years Of Maritime Navigation (1)75 years since the death of Vasile Alecsandri (1)75th aniversary of Romania stamps (6)75th Ann. Declaration of Independence (1)75th Anniv. Declaration of Independence (1)75th Anniversary of the Sail Traning Ship Mircea (4)75th. Aniversary Moldavian Stamps (1)7th Youth Festival, Vienna (2)80th anniv. of War of Independence (1)80th Birth Day of Endre Ady (1)85 years of Radio Romania (2)85th Anniversary of Commune of Paris (1)8th anniv. of accession of King Carol II. (11)90 Years Romanian Academy (1)90 years since Lenin birth (3)900 years of Oradea (5)90th anniv. Of the union of the Danubian Principalities. (1)9th Ann. of the Accession of King Carol II (11)9th Anniversary of the crushing of fascist government (1)9th Romanian Communist Party Congress (2)A.F.R.Conference - overprint (1)Academy Library Centenary (1)Academy of Science, 125th Anniversary (2)Agrar reform (4)Agricultural Congress (1)Agricultural Modernisation (7)Agriculture (4)Agriculture (1953) (3)Agriculture Exhibition (2)Air mail (3)Air mail - Postcards (5)Aircraft (2)Airmail (2)Airplanes (22)Airships (7)Alekxander S. Pushkin — 150th Birth Anniv. (2)Alexandru Ioan - Cuza (7)American-Soviet space company Apollo-Soyuz (1)Ancient artworks excavated in Romania (6)Andrei Mureșanu (1)Animal Husbandry (4)Animals (85)Animals from the Movile Cavern (7)Aniversary of the Transnistria liberation (3)Annexation of South Dobruja (10)Anniversaries (24)Anniversaries II - Personalities (4)Anniversaries IV - Dimitrie Cantemir (1)Anniversaries IV - Dimitrie Cantemir perforated (1)Anniversary (136)Anti-fascist resistance fighters (6)Antim Monastery, 300 years since beginning of construction (4)Apararea Patriotica (5)Apollo 14 (1)Apollo 15 - imperforated (1)Apollo 15 - perforated (1)Apollo 16 (1)Apollo Program (9)Apollo Program imperforated (1)Apollo Program perforated (1)Apollo-Sojuz - American-Soviet Test Project (2)Apolo XIII (2)Architecture (9)ARLUS (15)Arms (1)Arms of Romanian counties (87)Army Day (2)Arphila '75 Philatelic Exhibition, Paris (1)Art (19)Art - Anniversaries (5)Art reproduction II (6)Art reproductions (4)Art reproductions - Venice (6)Art reproductions - Venice perforated (1)Artists (4)Asistenta Sociala (2)Athenaeum,Bucharest (1)Aurel Vlaicu overprint 10 bani (3)Aviasan (4)Aviation (4)Aviation Anniversary (4)Aviation Day (8)Avram Iancu (1)Balkan Games (5)Balkan Games - Athletics - Bucharest (6)Balkan Games, Bucharest (1)Balkanfila III (7)Balloons (2)Banknote Portraits (15)Bats (6)Battle of Marasesti, 40th anniversary (1)Battles of Marasesti and Qituz, 60th anniv. (1)Bears (11)Bees (4)Belgica '72 (1)Belgica Antarctic Expedition (4)Berries (4)Bicycle Race (1)Birds (65)Birds of J.J.Audubon (6)Birds of the Danube Delta (11)Birth cent. of Mihail Eminescu (5)Birth centenary of Nicolae Grigorescu, (5)Birthday of Amerigo Vespucci (2)Birthday of Aurel Vlaicu (4)Birthday of Lenin (3)Boat sports (8)Boat sports - unperforated (8)Botanical Garden Cluj (10)Botanical Garden of Bucharest, 150 Years (6)Breed animals (7)Breed birds (8)Breeding Pigeon (5)Bridges (3)Brilliant Romanians (18)Brithday of George Enescu (2)Brotherhood of arms (5)Bucharest 555 Years of Existence (8)Bucharest Exhibition (1)Bucharest International Fair (1)Bucharest Zoo (8)Bucuresti Post hotel (8)Buildings in Bucharest (4)Bull head - First issue (4)Bull head - Second issue (3)Butterflies (35)Cactuses (6)Campaign against insect pests (4)Capture of Odessa on 1941-10-16 (5)Caragiale Type Surcharged (1)Caragiale Year (3)Care for Needy (1)Carol I - Bucharest First Issue (5)Carol I - Bucharest Second Issue (7)Carol I - Paris (7)Carol I - Pearl (2)Carol I with Favorites (1)Carol I with Favorites - First issue (2)Carol I with Favorites - Second issue (4)Carol I with Favorites - Third issue (5)Carol II - ten years on the throne (6)Carol II on horse (1)Carol with beard - emergency printing (2)Carol with beard - imperforated (5)Carol with beard - perforated (3)Carpathian Mountain Flowers (8)Cars (6)Castles of Romania (9)Cats (21)Caves (6)Caves from Romania (6)Celebration of Romanian-Soviet friendship (1)Census (1)Census of Population (2)Centenary of Grigore Antipa Natural History Museum (4)Centenary of the General Exhibition and Charles I Park (7)Centenary of Traian Vuia's Flight (5)Centenary of UPU (7)Centenary or Intl. Meter Convention, Paris (1)Centennial Medical Education DR. N. KRETZULESCU (1)Cernavoda bridge (1)Champions of Wildlife (5)Charity (15)Cheia Telecommunications Station (1)Chess (4)Chess Olympics (8)Chess Olympics Havanna (6)Childen Charity (1)Children's Day (3)Children's Games (8)Chinese Cultural Week (1)Christmas (43)Churches (6)Cintaera Romaniei National Festival (4)Circulating Romanian Banknotes and Coins (2)Circus (15)City of Rădăşeni (4)Classic cars (4)Clock Museum (6)Clock Towers (6)Coat of arms (13)Coat of arms 1952/53 (17)Collection objects – Photo Cameras (12)Collectivisation (3)Comedians (5)Comics (5)Coming to power of Marshal Antonescu (1)Conf. of the Police Agencies from the European Capitals (2)Conference of Public Sector Employees (1)Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe (2)Conference on security and cooperation in Europe (5)Conferences (5)Congress of Intl. Youth Organization (2)Congress of the Int. Students Association, Bucharest (2)Congress of the Syndicates (3)Congress of the United Trade Unions CGM (5)Congresses (3)Conifers (7)Constantin Brancusi (10)Contemporary Romanian Artists - Ciprian Paleologu (3)Cooperation (1)Corals and Anemones (10)Corneliu Codreanu. (2)Coronation of King Charles II (2)Coronation of King Ferdinand I (7)Coronation of King Karl II (12)Cosmos - Moon 4 (2)Cosmos 2011 (6)Cotroceni Palace (13)Countries of the Danube (12)Crabs and snails (8)Crowns of the Kings of Romania (6)CSCE - Helsinki Geneva (1)Cultural anniversary I (1)Cultural Heritage (4)Cultural relationships (6)Curtea de Arges Church (1)Daco-Roman Archaelogical Treasures (6)Daco-Roman Archeological Treasures (7)Daily life (37)Danube Cities (4)Danube Comission (8)Danube-Black Sea Channel (5)Danubian Harbours and Ships (7)Davis Cup final (1)Day of Armed Forces (4)Day of Firemen (1)Day of Miners (3)Day of the Army (1)Day of the miners (1)Day of the Navy (2)Day of the Romanian-Soviet brotherhood in arms (7)Death Anniversary of Nicolae Grigorescu (3)Death of Patriarch Teoctist I (3)Definitive (11)Definitives - Buildings (21)Definitives - Monuments (10)Definitives - Ships (8)Democratic Women's Association of Romania (1)Desert flowers (4)Dimitrie Butculescu (3)Dinosaurs (4)Discover Romania (24)Discover Romania - Transylvania (8)Discover Romania, Maramures (9)Disney (21)Distinguished Collections (4)Dog Breeds (9)Dogs (33)Dr. Aurel Garbela's Dog Center (1)Dracula (5)Drawing Crowns (1)Eagle Carrying Coats of Arms (24)Earth Day (2)Easter (41)Economy and Traffic (1)Economy and Transport (2)Economy and transport overprinted (1)Efiro (1)Electric trams (6)Emmigrated Personalities (5)Engineer Congress, Bucharest (5)Engineer Congress,Bucharest (5)Engineering Congress AGIR (4)Engineering Congress, Bucharest (4)Environment Protection (4)Equestrian Sports (4)Espana '75 Philatelic Exhibition (1)Europa (8)Europa (C.E.P.T.) 1991 - Telecommunication (1)Europa (C.E.P.T.) 1992 - Discovery of America (1)Europa (C.E.P.T.) 1993 - Modern Art (1)Europa (C.E.P.T.) 1994 - Discovery and Inventions (1)Europa (C.E.P.T.) 1995 - Peace and Freedom (2)Europa (C.E.P.T.) 1996 - Famous Women (2)Europa (C.E.P.T.) 1997 - Stories and Legends (2)Europa (C.E.P.T.) 1998 - Feasts and Festivals (2)Europa (C.E.P.T.) 1999 - Parks and Gardens (6)Europa (C.E.P.T.) 2000 (1)Europa (C.E.P.T.) 2001 - Water - A Natural Treasure (1)Europa (C.E.P.T.) 2002 - Circus (2)Europa (C.E.P.T.) 2003 - Posters (4)Europa (C.E.P.T.) 2004 - Holidays (2)Europa (C.E.P.T.) 2005 - Gastronomy (3)Europa (C.E.P.T.) 2006 - Integration (2)Europa (C.E.P.T.) 2007 - Scouting (12)Europa (C.E.P.T.) 2008 - Letter Writting (6)Europa (C.E.P.T.) 2009 - Astronomy (2)Europa (C.E.P.T.) 2010 - Children's Books (8)Europa (C.E.P.T.) 2011 - Forests (6)Europa (C.E.P.T.) 2012 - Visit Romania (6)Europa (C.E.P.T.) 2013 - The Postman Van (4)Europa (C.E.P.T.) 2014 - Musical Instruments (2)Europa (C.E.P.T.) 2015 - Old Toys (2)Europan Boxing Championships (4)European Architectural Heritage Year (7)European Day of Civil Justice (1)European Ice Hockey Championship, Galati (1)European Ice Hockey Championship, Miercurea-Ciuc (1)European Monument Protection Year (1)European Nature Conservation Year (12)European Sharpshooting Championship (1)European Source of Energy (1)European Volleyball Championships, Bucharest (2)European Women's Gymnastic Championships (4)European Women's Rowing Championship (2)Events (54)Exhibition "Developing National Industry" (3)Exhibition in Bucharest (11)Exotic Fishes (5)Exploration of America (5)Expo 70 - Osaka (3)Expo Sevilla, 1992 (7)Expo' 67 Montreal (4)Extreme Sports (4)Fables and tales (6)Fairy Tales (19)Famous composers (2)Famous men and anniversarys (6)Famous Researchers and Explorers (8)Fauna - cub animals (6)Fauna – Species of Romania (4)Fauna from Romanian Nature Reserves (5)Fauna from the Black Sea (5)Fauna from Wild preservations (8)Fauna of the Danube Delta (8)Fauna of the Northern Region (8)Ferdinand I (4)Ferraris (6)FIFA World Cup (5)FIFA World Cup 1994 - USA (7)Fifteenth Anniversary of World Federation of Democratic Yout (1)Fiftieh anniv. of mathematic revue fondation (2)Fifty years of Romanian navy (4)Fight World Championship (5)Filimon Sarbu (1)Fire weapons from the National Military Museum (6)Firemen (3)First anniversary of the Republic (1)First Anniversary of the Revolution (9)First group flight - Vostok 3 and 4 (3)First man in cosmos (3)First Man on the Moon (7)First Marine Exposition (3)First Soviet Atomic Ice-breaker (1)First union of Romanian states, 375th anniv (4)Fish (15)Fishes (19)Five year plan overprinted (1)Five-Year Plan 1951 to 1955 (13)Five-year Plan 1951-1955 (8)Flags /Commemoration (4)Flood II (2)Floods (7)Flora and Fauna (2)Flora of Romania (42)Flower Clock (I) (12)Flowers (42)Flowers (1984) (6)Flowers (1986) (6)Flowers Alphabet ( II ) (17)Flowers from Botanical garden (6)Flowers from Botanical Gardens (4)Flowers from the Carpathian Mountains (6)Flowers of the Thorns (8)Flowers' Alphabet (8)Flowers’ Clock (II) (12)Folk Art - Traditional National Costumes (1)Folk Clothes (16)Folk costumes (12)Folk Dancers (7)Folk Dances (6)Folk Musical Instruments (3)Folklore (52)Folklore costumes (12)Folklore Masks (4)Fondul Aviatiei (3)Football (21)Football European Cup, 1984 France (2)Football European Cup, 1988 Germany (10)Football World Cup Italy, 1990 (8)For the benefit of youth organization (5)For Transilvania (11)Forest (2)Forest fruits (8)Fortified Churches (2)Foundation "Charles I" (5)Founding of the communist militia "apararea Patriotica?" (12)French-Romanian Aeronautical Aggreement, 75th Anniv. (6)Frescoes (13)Frescoes from Romanian monasteries (7)Friendship with Hungary (1)Fruits (4)Fruits and Fauna (12)Fruits, health spring (8)Garden flowers (8)General Association of Romanian Engineers AGIR (1)George Enescu Philharmonic (1)Geraniums (8)German Fortified Churches in Transylvania (6)German Personalities in Romania (6)Gliding (6)Global campaign against hunger (4)Golden Stars of the Stage and Screen (12)Govermment priting plant and press (2)Great Inventors (4)Great Presonalities of the World (7)Gymnastics (11)Gypsies in Romanian Painting (5)Halley's Comet (3)Health Dangers (4)Helsinki World Peace Assembly (1)Herbs (6)Historic Buildings (4)Historic Sites, Bucharest (8)Historical buildings (6)Historical monuments (32)Historical Sciences Congress, Bucharest (1)Holy Easter (5)Homage Year of Saint Emperors Constantine and Helen (4)Honey Bees (4)Horia, Closca and Crisan (4)Horse race (6)Horse Racing (4)Horsemen from the Seven Districts of Brasov (7)Horses (23)Horses in Painting (3)Hotels (47)House Savings (2)Hunting (6)Hunting congress in Mamaia (1)Hunting dog (8)Hunting Dogs (6)Hunting on royal domains (5)Hunting Trophies (5)Hydrotechnic Stations and Dams (6)I.b.r.a'73 (1)Icons (3)Ilie Nastase (5)In Memoriam National Heroes (3)In Memoriam Pope John Paul II (3)Industrial and agricultural exhibition (1)Industrial Development (6)Industry (13)Information Technology (5)Insects (20)Insects from Romania (8)InterEuropa (46)INTEREUROPA - Bridges (4)International Athletic Championships, Bucharest (3)International Children's Day (3)International Conference of Working Women (1)International Federation for Photographic Art (1)International Holocaust Remembrance Day (2)International Labour Organization (1)International Meteorological Organization Centenary (1)International Petrochemical Workers Conference (1)International Puppet Theatre Festival Bucharest (6)International Stamp Exhibition, Essen (1)International Stamp Fair, Italy (1)International Telecommunication Union UIT (1)International Tennis Championships (10)International Traffic Exhibition (7)International Woman's Day (2)International Women's Day (1)International Women's Year (1)International Year against racism (2)International Year of Chemistry (1)International Year of Children (10)International Year of Education (1)International year of human rights (1)International Year of the Mountain (2)International Youth Festival, Bucharest (4)International Youth Year (3)Interparliamentarian Union (1)Intl. Conference of Transportation Unions, (4)Intl. Trade Union Congress, Leipzig (1)Introduction Postcode System (1)Ion C. Frimu (2)Iron Gate dams on Danube (3)Iron Gates (1)Issue for Transnistria: Prince Duca (7)Issued in favor of works of social assistance (4)Issued on behalf of the Office of the popular sports (10)Issuing the New Leu (22)Jet Plane - H. COANDA (1)Jewelry from Village Museum, Bucharest (4)Jewish Cultural Heritage (10)Joint Issue Romania-Hong Kong (5)Joint Issue Romania-Moldova (3)Joint Issue with Romania-Cyprus (2)Joint Issue with Romania-Kuwait (4)Joint Issue with Romania-Portugal (2)Joint Stamp Issue (10)Joint stamp issue Romania - Israel (1)Junior Tournament U.E.F.A. (1)Junior Tournament U.E.F.A. - overprint (1)Karl I (9)Kids (6)King Carl I (4)King Carol (3)King Carol I (63)King Carol II (43)King Ferdinand I (38)King Karl foundation (5)King Karl I (39)King Karl II (8)King Karol II (1)King Michael (7)King Michael 1st (2)King Michael I (105)Labor Day (19)Labor Day, May 1 (1)Labor Day: work orders and work medals (7)Lajka and Sputnik II (2)Land reform (1)Landscapes (6)Launch of the First Soviet Earth Satellites (5)Lenin, 25th Death Anniv. (2)Liberation from Fascism, 35th Ann. (2)Lighthouses (9)Linguist Congress (1)Little Entente (2)Live healthy (22)Live Healthy! Romanian Traditions (4)Locomotives (15)London 2012 Olympic Games (1)Love art! 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