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100 years of discovery of Archipelago "Severnaya Zemlya" (4)100 Years of the Trans-Siberian Railway (2)1000th Aniversary of Yaroslavl (2)1000th Anniversary of Joint Mordovia and Russia (2)100th Anniv. of Knapsack Parachute Trial by G.E.Kotelnikov (2)100th anniversary of "Barrikady" factory (2)100th Anniversary of Birth A.M.Gritsay (1)100th Anniversary of Birth of G.Y.Bahchivangi, test pilot (2)100th Anniversary of Joint Tuva and Russia (2)100th Anniversary of Kyzyl (1)100th Anniversary of M.M.Raskova (2)100th Anniversary of Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts (2)100th Anniversary of Shipbuilding Plant "Severnaya Verf" (2)100th Anniversary of the Air Force of Russia (2)100th Anniversary of the Kachin Military Aviation College (2)100th Anniversary of the Russian Olympic Committee (1)100th birth anniversary of A.I. Pokryshkin (3)100th birth anniversary of M.L.Gallay (2)100th Birth Anniversary of V.S.Grizodubova (1)100th of Birth Anniversary of A.K.Serov (1)1050th Anniversary of Belozersk (2)10th Definitive Issue of Russian Empire (2)1150 years of mission of Cyril and Methodius in Slavic rgns (3)1150th Anniversary of Izborsk (2)1150th Anniversary of Origin of Russian Statehood (2)1150th Anniversary of Rostov (2)1150th Anniversary of Smolensk (2)125th Ann- Of Establishment Of Diplomatic Relations (2)125th Anniversary of Birth of A.N.Tupolev (6)125th Anniversary of P.N.Nesterov (2)125th Birth Anniversary of P.P.Bazhov (5)150th Aniversary of Zemstvo-mail (4)150th Anniv. of International Telecommunication Union (1)150th Anniversary of Birth of A.E.Arkhipov (2)150th Anniversary of Birth of A.S.Popov, inventor of radio (1)150th Anniversary of Birth of I.I.Levitan (2)150th Anniversary of Birth of K.S. Stanislavskiy (3)150th Anniversary of birth of M.V.Nesterov (2)150th Anniversary of Birth V.A.Serov (3)150th Anniversary of Kolomensky Plant (2)150th anniversary of Moscow Zoo (2)150th Anniversary of P.A.Stolypin (2)150th Anniversary of the Baltic Plant (1)150th Anniversary of the Bank of Russia (5)150th Anniversary of the Obukhov State Plant (3)150th Anniversary of Vladivostok city (1)150th Birth Anniversary of K.A.Korovin (2)150th of Birth Anniversary of A.P.Chekhov (6)155th Anniversary of "Bank of Russia" (5)175th Anniversary of Birth of I.N.Kramskoy (4)175th Anniversary of First Postage Stamp (3)175th Anniversary of Hydrometeorological Service in Russia (3)175th Anniversary of Railways in Russia (2)175th Anniversary of the Birth of D.I.Mendeleev, chemist (2)175th Anniversary of the Birth of V.G.Perov, painter (4)175th Birth Anniversary of P.I.Tchaikovsky, composer (2)18th Annual conference of the IAP in Moscow (1)1st anniversary of Revolution (2)1st Definitive Issue (69)1st Definitive Issue (Overprint) (1)1st Definitive Issue of Russian Empire (7)2009 - Year of Youth (1)200th Anniv. of Russia' Victory in the Patriotic War of 1812 (2)200th Anniv. of Victory over Napoleon in Leipzig' Battle (2)200th Anniversary of Birth of I.A.Goncharov (2)200th Anniversary of Fort Ross (2)200th anniversary of State Hermitage Museum (2)200th Anniversary of the Birth of N.I.Pirogov (2)200th Anniversary of the Birth of N.V.Gogol, writer (7)200th Anniversary of the Independence of Venezuela (1)200th Anniversary of the use of Gas in Russia (1)200th Birth Anniv. of Pavel A. Fedotov (1815-1852) (5)200th Birth Anniversary M.Yu.Lermontov (2)2010 - Year of the Teacher (2)2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil (2)2014 Ice hockey world championships (2)2014 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games mascots (18)20th Anniv. of Fed. Council of RF Federal Assembly (1)20th Anniv. of Federation Council of RF Federal Assembly (1)20th Anniv. of State Duma of RF Federal Assembly (2)20th Anniversary of Constitution of Russian Federation (2)225th Ann. of the Insurance industry in Russia (1)225th Anniversary of the Insurance industry in Russia (1)250th Anniversary of Birth of M.B.Barclay de Tolly (2)250th Anniversary of Birth P.I.Bagration (1765-1812) (3)250th Anniversary of Joint Altai and Russia (2)275th Anniversary of Birth of D.G.Levitsky (4)275th Anniversary of Birth of F.S.Rockotov (4)2nd Definitive Issue (24)2nd Definitive Issue of Russian Empire (3)300 Years Romanov (5)300th Aniversary of Victory in Battle of Gangut (2)300th Anniversary of Birth of Ekaterina I Alekseevna (2)300th Anniversary of Cyrillic Alphabet (1)300th Anniversary of Foundation of Central Naval Museum (2)300th Anniversary of Foundation of Tsarkoe Selo (4)300th Anniversary of Joint Hakasia and Russia (2)300th Anniversary of Moscow Head Post Office (10)300th Anniversary of Plant "Arsenal" (2)300th anniversary of Russian Navy (40)300th anniversary of Sea Infantry of Russia (4)300th Anniversary of St.Petersburg Head Post Office (2)300th Anniversary of the Birth of M.V.Lomonosov (4)300th Anniversary of Tula Arms Plant (2)350th Anniversary of Irkutsk (1)350th Anniversary of Joint Buryatia and Russia (2)350th Anniversary of Penza (2)3rd Definitive Issue (37)3rd Definitive Issue of Russian Empire (4)400th Anniv. of Restoration of Unity of the Russian State (3)400th Anniversary of Joint Kalmykia and Russia (2)450th Anniversary of Joint Bashkiria and Russia (2)450th Anniversary of Joint Udmurtia and Russia (2)450th Anniversary of Publishing in Russia (1)4th Definitive Issue (28)4th Definitive Issue of Russian Empire (13)50 Years of Victory of Soviet Union in European Football Cup (2)500th Anniv. of Russia Regular Service of Borders Protection (2)500th Anniversary Discovering of America (2)500th Anniversary of Alexandrov Kremlin Foundation (3)500th Anniversary of Ivan Feodorov (2)50th Anniv. of Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (1)50th Anniversary of Cosmodrome Baikonur (6)50th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations Russia and Algeria (2)50th Anniversary of first human spacewalk (EVA) (2)50th Anniversary of First Manned Space Flight (2)50th Anniversary of Incorporation of Tuva into Russia (1)50th Anniversary of Russian Nuclear Ice-Breakers (8)50th Anniversary of the "Biblio-Globus" (1)50th Anniversary of the First Woman in Space (2)50th Anniversary of the Kremlin Palace of Congresses (1)50th Anniversary of the Russian Peace Foundation (1)50th Anniversary of the Space flight of Belka and Strelka (1)50th Anniversary of the World Wildlife Fund (2)5th Definitive Issue (30)5th Definitive Issue of Russian Empire (29)65th Anniversary of the End of the Second World War (1)65th Anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War (3)6th Definitive Issue (24)6th Definitive Issue of Russian Empire (24)700th Anniversary of St. Sergius of Radonezh (2)70th Ann. of Victory in Great Patriotic War 1941-1945 (19)70th ann. of Victory WWII, Military counterintelligence (4)70th anniv. of Victory WWII, Heroes-submariners (4)70th Anniversary of Victory in Great Patriotic War 1941-1945 (21)75th Aniversary of Universal Single Combat SAMBO (1)75th Ann. of the Birth of U.A.Gagarin (1934-1968) (2)75th Anniv of State Automobile Inspectorate of MOI of Russia (2)75th Anniversary of Birth of German Titov (2)75th Anniversary of Birth of U.A.Gagarin, first Astronaut (3)75th Anniversary of First Non-Stop Transpolar Flight (4)75th Anniversary of I.A.Brodsky (1940-1996), poet (1)75th Anniversary of I.A.Brodsky, poet (1)75th Anniversary of Victory in Khalkhyn Gol (1)7th Definitive Issue of Russian Empire (44)8th Definitive Issue of Russian Empire (44)9th Definitive Issue of Russian Empire (74)Accounts Chamber of Russia (1)Air Mail (8)Airmail (1)All-Russian Population Census - 2010 (2)Amazone (1)Amber Room (8)Ancient City and Fortress Buildings of Derbent (2)Antarctic research (2)Architectural monuments of the (Russian) capital (1)Architecture (32)Arctic & Antarctic (21)Arctic Deep-Water Expedition (1)Art (97)Arts & Crafts of Russia. Kasli Iron Sculpture (8)Arts & Crafts of Russia. Lace (8)Arts & Crafts of Russia. Shawls (9)Arts & Crafts of Russia. Trims (6)Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit in Vladivostok 2012 (2)Association of Veterans of Combat Operations of Russia (2)Aviation (22)Baikal–Amur Mainline (2)Banks and Finances (11)Boris F. Safonov, Fighter Pilot (2)Bridges (36)Cartoons (3)Cats (6)Cavaliers of the Order of St.Andrew (22)Characters from Children's Books (10)Characters of Domestic Cartoons. Soyuzmultfilm (6)Church of the Ascension in Kolomenskoye (2)Cinema & Theatre (15)Cities of Military Glory (48)City of Military Glory (12)City Post Stamp in St.Petersburg and Moscow (1)City views of Moscow in XVIII-XIX centuries in paintings (6)Coat of Arms (18)Coat of Arms of the Constituent Territories (2)Coats of Arms of constituent entities of Russia Federation (34)Commonwealth of Independent States 1991-2011 (1)Communications (8)Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation (1)Construction completion of the "Nord Stream" Gas Pipeline (2)Contemporary Russian Art (50)Culture (13)Culture of Russia Peoples. Headdresses of Tatarstan (9)Customs (1)Decorative and applied art of Russia (4)Definitive (50)Definitives (11)Definitives overprinted (2)Diplomacy (3)Diplomatic relations between Russia and Laos. (2)Dogs (16)Domestic horse breeds (5)Ducks (17)EAEC. Innovative Biotechnologies (2)Education (8)Emblem of the Russian Post (4)Emotions in eyes (1)Emperor (7)Eurasian Economic Union (1)Europa - CEPT (23)Europa (C.E.P.T.) 2002 Circus (1)Europa (C.E.P.T.) 2010 - Children's Books (2)Europa (C.E.P.T.) 2011 - Forests (2)Europa (C.E.P.T.) 2013 - Postal Vehicles (3)Europa (C.E.P.T.) 2014 - Musical Instruments (2)Europa (C.E.P.T.) 2015 - Old Toys (4)Europa 2012 - Visit to Russia (2)Europa. Astronomy (2)EXPO exhibitions (3)Fauna (40)Fauna of Russia. Service dog breeds (8)Fauna of Russia. Whales (4)Fauna of Russia. Wild cats (9)Fauna of Russia. Wild goats and rams (6)Federation and the Republic of Slovenia. (2)FIFA World Cup FIFA 2018 in Russia. Legends football (7)FIFA World Cup FIFA 2018 in Russia. Stadiums (4)FIFA World Cup FIFA 2018 Russia (7)Fip (2)Fish (7)Fishing (5)Flags (1)Flora (62)Flora of Russia. Alley of Russia (6)Flora of Russia. Cones of coniferous trees and shrubs (6)Flora of Russia. Wildflowers (6)Flowers (4)Football (2)Forces of the revolution (1)Fountains of Russia (8)Fruits (10)Geographic Expeditions (5)Happy New Year 2012 ! (4)Happy New Year 2013 ! (2)Happy New Year 2015 ! (2)Headdresses (9)Headdresses of Russian North (9)Heroes of the Russian Federation (52)Heroes of World War I (8)Historical and Cultural Heritage of Russia. Valaam (2)History of Aviation, Aerial ramming (9)History of Russian Cossacks (20)History of Russian State (39)History of Russian States (4)History of the First World War (16)History of the Russian Military Uniform (9)History of the Russian Postal Uniform (9)History of the Russian Uniform (9)Holders of Order "For Merit to the Fatherland" (7)Holidays (1)Holocaust (1)House of Romanov, 300th anniversary (17)Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias, Latin America Politicians (1)Hunting (5)I love postcrossing (3)Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society (4)Inscription in Back (3)Inscription in Back and Overprinted (2)Inscription in Back II (1)Inscription in Back II and Overprinted (2)Insects (20)International Children's Center "Artek" (3)International Exhibition "CSTB" (2)Joint issue of Russia & Bulgaria. End of Russo-Turkish War (3)Joint issue of Russia & Bulgaria.Tradition and modernity (1)Joint issue of Russia & DPRK. Birds (4)Joint issue of Russia & Monaco.Automobile Production History (3)Joint issue of Russia & Mongolia. 75th Anniv.of Khalkhyn Gol (1)Joint issue of Russia and Aland Islands (1)Joint issue of Russia and Aland Islands. Empress (2)Joint issue of Russia and Aland Islands. Passenger Ferries (1)Joint issue of Russia and Armenia. Diplomacy (1)Joint issue of Russia and Armenia. Ivan Lazarev (1)Joint issue of Russia and Armenia. Writers (4)Joint issue of Russia and Belarus. Fauna, Tyutchev (1)Joint issue of Russia and Belarus. Newts (3)Joint issue of Russia and Belgium. Carillon (2)Joint issue of Russia and China. Fauna, Deers (4)Joint issue of Russia and Cuba. World politics (1)Joint issue of Russia and Cyprus. Religion (5)Joint issue of Russia and Denmark. 500th Anniv. of Diplomacy (1)Joint issue of Russia and DPRK. Fauna (4)Joint issue of Russia and DPRK. Flora (1)Joint issue of Russia and Estonia. Fish (3)Joint issue of Russia and Finland. Nature protection (5)Joint issue of Russia and Germany. Diplomacy (1)Joint issue of Russia and Iran. Nature of the Caspian Sea (2)Joint issue of Russia and Israel. Alexander Pushkin (1)Joint issue of Russia and Italy. Year of Culture (1)Joint issue of Russia and Kazakhstan. Birds (5)Joint issue of Russia and Kazakhstan. Chokan Valikhanov (2)Joint issue of Russia and Liechtenstein. Art (3)Joint issue of Russia and Malta (3)Joint issue of Russia and Montenegro. Architecture (4)Joint issue of Russia and Romania. Monuments of WCF (4)Joint issue of Russia and Serbia. Icons (4)Joint issue of Russia and Spain. Classical Architecture (4)Joint issue of Russia and Sweden. Russian Icons (5)Joint issue of Russia and Switzerland. Clock Towers (3)Joint issue of Russia and Switzerland. Suvorov, Alps (4)Joint issue of Russia and USA. International Space Year (5)Joint issue of Russia, Belarus & Ukraine.50 years Liberation (4)Joint issue of Russia, Belarus & Ukraine.70 years Liberation (2)Joint issue of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Religion (4)Joint issue of Russia,Belarus and Ukraine. Christianisation (2)Jubilees (9)Jubilees of cities (63)Kamov Company Helicopters (6)Kremlin Museums (4)Lena Pillars. World Natural Heritage, eastern Siberia (3)Lighthouses (6)Lilies (1)Literature (15)Logo of XXII Winter Olympic Games and Quick-Response code (2)Magas Tower Concord Monument (2)Main Centre for Special Communications (1)Mankind (3)Maps (2)Mass media (3)Medicine (5)Military (45)Minerals (4)Mining and Metallurgical Company "Norilsk Nickel" (2)Monasteries of Russian Orthodox Church (38)Monuments of Science & Technology. Watches & Clocks (10)Moscow Kremlin Cathedrals (6)Museum items (48)Museum of Wooden Architecture and Folk Art "Malye Korely" (4)Mushrooms (5)Music (3)National Communications Means (1)National Costumes of Vologda region (2)Natural Heritage of Russia. Pechora-Ilych Nature Reserve (2)Nature (1)Navy (23)New Year and Christmas (42)Nikolayevsk-on-Amur city (1)October revolution (9)Official Stamp for Courts (1)Oka-Conservation Park (1)Olympic and Paralympic Games in Sochi 2014, Sports Legends (12)Olympic Games (26)Olympic Games 1992 - Barcelona (6)Operative division of Dzerzhinsky of Interior Ministry (2)Order of St.Andrew the Apostle the First-Called (2)Outstanding Russian historians (1)Outstanding Russian jurists (3)Painter (10)Patriotic Paintings (4)Personalities (5)Philatelic exhibitions (9)Police (4)Population census (6)Post (10)Postcrossing (2)Regional Commonwealth in field of Communications (1)Regions of Russian Federation (87)Religion (24)Russia Civil War Areas 1918-1923 (2)Russia World Champion in Hockey 2012, overprint (2)Russia-Germany joint space flight (1)Russia's Outstanding (Famous) Lawyers (17)Russian ballet (20)Russian Federation and the Republic of Azerbaijan (2)Russian icons (3)Russian opera (9)Russian Scientists (16)Russian Silverware (7)Russian State foundations (31)Same Issue imperforated (6)Sarmat Treasures (6)Science (23)Sea Fleet of Russia (2)Sea Vessels of Russia (9)Signs of the Zodiac (33)Singers (9)Sochi 2014 Olympic and Paralympic Awards (11)Sochi 2014 Olympic Sports Facilities (7)Space exploration (33)Sport (35)St. Petersburg-300 (1)State awards of the Russian Federation (74)State Nature Biosphere Reserve "Kerzhensky" (1)State Programme of voluntary donation "Blood Service" (1)Submarines (14)Surcharged (2)Symbols of Cities (6)Symbols of peasant labor (5)Technology (19)The 100th Ann. of the Birth of A. S. Yakovlev (6)The 100th Anniversary of the Birth of A.I.Mikoyan (6)The 100th Anniversary of the Birth of O.K.Antonov (6)The 100th Anniversary of the State Duma of Russia (1)The 1150th Anniversary of the Great Novgorod (1)The 150th Anniversary of First Russian Stamp (1)The 150th Anniversary of the Leningrad Zoo (2)The 150th anniversary of the State Picture Gallery named by (3)The 165th Anniversary of Savings Bank of Russia (1)The 200th Ann. of Award of Saint George Pobedonosets (1)The 250th Ann. of the Russian Academy of Art (1)The 250th Anniversary of Big Tsarskoselsky Palace (4)The 250th Anniversary of Russian State Theatre (1)The 300th Anniversary of Battle of Poltava (2)The 300th Birth Ann. of Empress Elizaveta Petrovna (1)The 60th Anniversary of Victory in the WWII (1)The 625th Anniversary of Kulikovo Battle (1)The 70th Anniversary of the End of World War II (1)The 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of Korea (1)The 70th Anniversary of the United Nations (1)The BRICS and SCO summits 2015 (3)The Earth - Light-Blue Planet (6)The First Russian Lorries (3)The History of Russia (1)The International Polar Year 2007-2008 (4)The Year of Russian Language (4)To assist the populations affected by poor harvest (4)To help the population of the Volga region (4)Tourism on Black Sea coast of Russia (4)Tourism on Black Sea coast of Russia, Olympics in Sochi 2014 (24)Traditional art (5)Transcaucasian federated republic (1)Transcaucasian Federated Republics (1)Transport (33)Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius (2)Triumphal Arch in Moscow (1)UN and UNESCO (10)Uvs Nuur Basin. World Natural Heritage, Tyva Republic (3)V.V.Putin takes charge as Russian Federation President, 2012 (2)Victory day (1)Volga (4)War Aid (8)War Orphans (4)Way to victory. (2)Weapon of the Victory (63)Winter Olympics 1992, Albertville (6)WMO (1)WOG Turin 2006 (2)World Championship "Formula 1". Grand Prix of Russia (2)World Cultural Heritage (1)World Cultural Heritage in Russia. Curonian Spit, Dunes (4)World Cultural Heritage in Russia. Ferapontov Monastery (2)World Cultural Heritage. Historical centre of St.Petersburg (6)World Cultural Heritage. Solovetsky Islands (5)World culture heritage in Russia (4)World nature heritage in Russia (22)World politics (9)Wrangel Island, World Natural Heritage of Russia (2)WWF Endangered species (4)WWF, Animals (8)XIV World Athletics Championship 2013 at Moscow (1)XVI FINA World Championships in Kazan (1)XXI Winter Olympic Games. Vancouver-2010 (2)XXII Olympic Winter Games 2014 in Sochi. Olympic Torch Relay (2)XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi (2)XXII Winter Olympic Kinds of Sports, Sochi/2014 (48)XXVII World Summer Universiade 2013 in Kazan (2)XXX Olympic Games in London (3)Year of Literature in Russia (3)Serie Desconocida (91)