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"We Are The People" (1)1. Anniversary of founding the Red Cross (1)1. Day Of Death Of The Writer Pablo Neruda (1)10 Jahre DDR (12)10 Years Of Berlin Wall (2)10 years of national solidarity (1)10 Years Of United Energy Systems (1)10 years university of transport "Friedrich List", Dresden (1)10. Congress Of The Free German Trade Union Confederation (F (3)10. Parteitag der SED (7)100 years Carl-Zeiss-Foundation, Jena (3)100 Years Esperanto (2)100 Years Leipzig Zoo, Young Cats (4)100 Years Museum Of Natural History, Humboldt University, Be (6)100 years of "Labor Day" (May 1) (2)100 Years Of Phone (1)100 Years Pyrex (1)100 Years Universal Postal Union (UPU) (4)100. Anniversary of G. Dimitrow, Bulgarian Politician (1882- (1)100. Anniversary Of Georgi Dimitrov, Bulgarian Politician (1 (1)100. Anniversary Of The Discovery Of The Tuberculosis Agent (2)100. Anniversary Of The Marxschen Program Criticism And The (4)100. Anniversary Of The Painter Max Lingner (1888-1959) (4)100. Birthday Dschawaharlal Nehru, Indian Statesman (1889-19 (1)100. Birthday Of Physicist Albert Einstein (1879-1955) (2)100. Birthday Of Playwright and Medical Doctor F. Wolf (1888 (2)100. Birthday Of Politician Otto Nuschke (1)100. Birthday Of The Journalist And Writer Egon Erwin Kisch (2)100. Birthday Of The Party Leaders Liebknecht And Luxemburg (3)100. Birthday Of The Soviet Statesman F.E. Dzierzynski (2)100. death anniversary of the philosopher Karl Marx 1983 (8)1000 years Weimar (3)100th Anniversary of Telecommunications Union (2)100th birthday of Pierre De Coubertin (2)100th death of Heinrich Heine (2)100th death of Heinrich Schliemann (2)100th death of Robert Schumann (4)10th Anniversary Of The Joint Space Flight USSR-DDR (9)10th Art exhibition of the GDR (4)11. Parliament Of The FDJ (3)125 Jahre Carl Zeiss Jena (4)125 Years Dresden Zoo (4)125 years International Telecommunication Union (ITU) (7)125 Years of German Railways (4)125. Death Of The Composer L. Van Beethoven (2)125th birthday of August Bebel (1)15 Jahre DDR (30)15 Years Of Magazine "Probleme Des Friedens Und Des Sozialis (1)150 Years Of Braille Braille (3)150 years remote railway; 200th birthday of Friedrich List (3)150 years stamps (3)150. Anniversary Of The Composer Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) (2)150. Birth Of Heinrich Von Stephan (1831-1897), Founder Of T (1)150th birthday of August Bebel (1)175 Years Humboldt University, Berlin, Charité, Berlin, 275 (2)175. Birthday Of The Writer Heinrich Heine (1)175th anniversary of Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy (2)18. Workers' Festival Of The GDR (2)20 years German Democratic Radio (2)20 years GRD (18)20 years International Federation of Resistance Fighters (3)20 Years Liberation (9)20 Years Of Democratic Women's Federation Of Germany (2)20 Years of Fight Groups (1)20 Years Of Fight Groups In The GDR (3)20 Years Of National National Army (2)20 years of NOK of the GDR (1)20 Years Of Pioneer Organization (2)20 Years SED (5)20-year Warsaw Contract (1)200 Years Education For The Deaf (2)200. Anniversary Of The Composer Carl Maria Von Weber (1786- (2)200. Anniversary Of The Mathematician Leonhard Euler (1707-1 (1)200. Birthday Of The Architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel (1781 (2)200. Birthday of the Brothers Grimm (7)200. Birthday Of The Mathematician's C. FOLLOWING Gauß (1)200. Birthday Of The Painter C.D. Friedrich (6)200. Death Famous German Architect (4)200. Death Of The Composer J.S. Bach (4)200. Geburtstag Joseph Von Eichendorff (1788-1857) (1)200. Geburtstag von Joseph Freiherr von Eichendorff (1788-18 (1)200th anniv. of the inaugural speech at the univ. of Jena (3)200th anniversary of the french revolution (3)200th birthday of Johann Gottlieb Fichte (2)200th birthday of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (2)20th anniv. of the destruction of Lidice (Central Bohemia) (2)225. Birthday Of Composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1746-1791 (1)225th birthday of Johann Gottfried Schadow (2)25 Jahre Eisenhuttenstadt (1)25 Years Fighting Groups In The GDR (3)25 Years For German-Soviet Friendship Society (2)25 years GDR (6)25 Years INTERFLUG (5)25 Years Liberation (5)25 Years National People's Army (2)25 Years Of Advice For Mutual Economic Help (1)25 Years Of FDGB And WGB (2)25 Years Of Manned Space Flight (5)25 Years Of Reminders And Memorials In Sachsenhausen (1)25 Years Society For Sport And Technology (3)25 years UNICEF (1)25 Years Warsaw Treaty (1)25. Anniversary Of The General Explanation Of The Human Righ (1)250 Years Berlin Academy Of Science (10)250 Years State Science Museums In Dresden (6)275 Years Academy Of The Sciences (4)2nd Children’s and Youths’ Spartakiad, Berlin (2)30 Years Association For Sport And Technology (GST) (1)30 Years Fighting Groups Of The Working Class Of The GDR (2)30 Years Free German Association Of Labour Unions (FDGB) (1)30 Years Memorial, Buchenwald (1)30 years national memorial Ravensbrück (1)30 Years National People's Army (2)30 Years Society For German-Soviet Friendship (2)30 Years The Warsaw Pact (1)30. Anniversary Of The Freeing (6)300. Birthday Of The Alchemist Joh. Friedrich Böttger (1682- (1)300. Birthday Of The Alchemist Johann Friedrich Böttger (168 (6)35 Years Agricultural Production Cooperatives (LPG) (1)35 Years Association For Sport And Technology (1)35 Years Fighting Groups Of The Working Class (4)35 Years German Democratic Republic (I) (4)35 Years German Democratic Republic (II) (5)35 Years German Democratic Republic (III) (6)40 years council for Mutual Economic Assistance (CMEA) (1)40 Years Free German Youth (1)40 Years German Democratic Republic (6)40 Years Of Democratic Women's Federation Of Germany (DFD), (1)40 Years Of Free Deutcher Federation (1)40 Years Of The GDR Border Troops (1)40 Years The World Health Organization (WHO) (1)40 Years United Nations (UN) (1)40. Anniversary Of Liberation (6)400 Death of Lucas Cranach (2)400. Birthday of Frans Hals (c. 1581-1666) (5)400. Birthday Of The Flemish Painter Peter Paul Rubens (6)40th anniversary of October revolution (2)450. Anniversary Of The German Peasants' War (7)5 years GRD (4)5. Anniversary Of The Freedom Fighter Amilcar Cabral (1)50 Years I.L.O. (3)50 Years Musical Instruments Museum, Leipzig (4)50 Years The Soviet Union (1)50. Anniversary Spartakus (2)50. Anniversary Of "Kristallnacht" (1)50. Anniversary Of The Formation Of The International Brigad (1)50. Anniversary Of The Mongolian National Revolution (1)50. Anniversary Spartakus (1)500 years international postal routes in Europe (5)500 Years Schiffer Company, Stralsund (4)500. Anniversary Of The Painter Lucas Cranach The Elder. (4)500. Birthday Of The Astronomer Nikolaus Kopernikus (1)500. Birthday Of The Painter Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528) (3)500. Birthday of the reformer Martin Luther (1483-1546) (7)500. Birthday Ulrich von Hutten (1488-1523), Humanist (1)500. Birthday Zdes Humanist Ulrich Von Hutten (1488-1523) (1)500th birthday of Thomas Müntzer (8)550 Years Rostock University (2)6 years national people's army (NVA) (5)60. Anniversary Of The Socialist October Revolution (3)60th Anniversary of Socialist October Revolution (1)69. Anniversary Of The Indian Leaders Indira Gandhi (1917-19 (1)70 Years Rail Ferry Sassnitz-Trelleborg (3)70. Anniversary Of The October Socialist Revolution (2)70. The Death Of Karl Marx (10)700 Years City Of Frankfurt (4)70th birthday of Ernst Thälmann (3)70th birthday of Pope John Paul II (1)75 Years German Hygiene Museum, Dresden (1)75 Years Modern Olympics (2)75 years Universal Postal Union (UPU) (1)750 Years Berlin (19)750 Years Berlin (III) (1)750 Years Mansfeld Copper Slate Construction (2)750 years of Dresden (3)800 years City of Leipzig (6)80th birthday of Georgi Dimitrov Mikhaylov (3)90. Birthday Bertolt Brecht Tribute,1898 - 1956 (1)90th birthday of Albert Schweitzer (3)Agiculture (3)Agricultural Exhibition "agra", Markkleeberg (1)Aid to Hungary and Egypt (2)Aircraft (4)Airmail (18)Alexander Von Humboldt (2)Alfred Edmund and Christian Ludwig Brehm (3)Animals (5)Antarctic Research Station "Georg Forster" (1)Anti-fascists, concentration camp victims (10)Aquarium fishes (6)Archaeological Findings In The GDR (5)Archeologic Discoveries (4)Architecture (16)Art Flying (2)Art From The Green Vault Dresden (6)Art From The State Museums, Berlin (2)Art Objects (4)Art Week (6)Artistic Training "Bauhaus" (6)Artwork from Near Eastern Museum, Berlin (4)Association for Sport and Technology (5)Automobile In Zwickau (3)Autumn Flowers (6)Aviation (5)Bach, Haendel, Schuetz Honoring The GDR (1)Bach, Handel, Schütz Honoring The GDR (3)Baltic week, Rostock (3)Barges (6)Baroque gardens (4)Beetles (6)Berlin (2)Berlin conference (1)Berlin Wall 25 Years (1)Berlin Zoo (14)Berthold Brecht Tribute (1)Bertold Brecht (2)Biathlon (3)Birds (12)Birds Of Prey (6)Birth anniversaries (5)Birth centenary of Soviet Statesman F.E.Dzierzynski (1)Birth Centenary of writer Heinrich von Kleist (1)Bridges (6)Broadcasting (2)Bromeliads (4)Buchenwald statue (1)Building Castles And Gardens Of Potsdam-Sanssouci (4)Building Of Deutsche Post (3)Buildings and monuments (10)Buildings In Berlin (6)Built By Deutsche Post (4)Butterflies (5)Cacti (12)Cactus Flowers (6)Candle Arch Erzgebirge (7)Canoe Sports (5)Carl Zeiss Company (5)Castle Museum Of Arnstadt "Mon Plaisir" (6)Castles In The GDR (4)Castles Of The East (6)Castles Of The GDR (4)Chairman of the State Council Walter Ulbricht (41)Championships (3)Championships In Orienteering Diving, Neuglobsow (2)Chemical Day (4)Chemical Industry (2)Chemistry For Peace And Socialism (3)Chemnitz (3)Chess (3)Children And Youth Spartakiade (4)Children's Day (5)Childrens' drawings (6)Christmas Pyramids From The Erzgebirge (7)Circus (5)Circus Arts In The GDR (5)City arms (15)Comenius, Opera Didactica Omnia (2)Conference About Security And Cooperation In Europe (KSZE) (1)Conference Of The Communist And Labor Parties (1)Congress FDGB (4)Congress Of The Free German Trade Union Confederation (FDGB) (3)Congress Of The German Red Cross Of The GDR, Dresden (1)Congress Of The International Astronautical Federation (IAF) (4)Congress Of The International Federation Of Resistance Fight (1)Congress of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany (SED) (1)Construction in the GDR, large format (15)Construction in the GDR, small format (31)Construction Of Gas Pipeline From Orenburg To The Western Bo (1)Container Shipping (4)Cosmonauts (7)Cosmonauts Visit (6)Costumes (13)Costumes Of Mining And Metallurgy (4)Country Parks In The GDR (6)Cultural Association DKB (3)Cycling Peace Course (2)Dahlias At The International Horticultural Exhibition (iga) (6)Dams (4)Darwin & Linne (2)Day Of Philatelists (7)Day Of The Philatelists (6)Day of the toilers of the post and telecommunication (9)Days Of The Soviet Science And Technology In The GDR (3)Death of President Wilhelm Pieck (1)Death Of The Head Of State Walter Ulbricht (1)DEBRIA Berlin (1)Definitives Overprinted (36)Definitives, Views (3)Developmental Program Berlin (4)District Towns In The North Of The GDR (6)Drawing From The Graphic Collection Of The Berlin Museums (6)Drawings from the Graphic Collection of the Belin Museums (1)Drawings Of Young Pioneers (5)Dresden Art Collections (2)Dresdner Zoo (2)East Germany 30 Years (6)Educational Institutions At Deutsche Post (5)Endangered Animals (11)Engels, Friedrich (3)Erzgebirge Candlestick Spinning (7)European Boxing Games (2)European Mushrooms (6)European Swimming Championships, Leipzig (7)European Toadstools (8)European Weight Lifting Games (2)Exhibition Of The Masters Of Tomorrow (6)Fair Of The Masters From Tomorrow (3)Fairy Tale (7)Fairy Tales (28)Fairy Tales: How Six Men Got On In The World (7)Fairy Tales: Of The Emperor's New Clothes (4)Fairy Tales: On The Pike Behest (6)Fairy Tales: Rapunzel (7)Fairy Tales: Rumpelstiltskin (7)Fairy Tales: The Bremen Town Musicians (7)Fairy Tales: The Snowy Queen (6)Fairy Tales: Zwitscher There - Zwitscher Here (6)Fairytales (XIV) (1)Famous Artists (7)Famous People (34)Famous Personalities (48)FDJ-Initiative Berlin (2)Felix Mendelsohn Bartoldy (2)Festival Of The GDR Workers, Bezirk Gera (2)Festival Of The GDR Workers, District Gera (1)Fight against malaria (4)Figures Of The GDR's Children's Television (7)Finnlandia 88 (1)Fire Fighters And Fire Engines (5)First group flight of space ships Vostok 3 and Vostok 4 (2)Fishing (2)Fishing Industry (5)Flora (1)Flowers (15)Folk Art (3)Folk Costumes (9)Forest Animals (5)Forest Conservation (4)Founding Figures Of The Naumburg Cathedral (5)Franz Liszt (4)Freshwater Fish (7)Freshwater Fishes (2)Friedrich-Engels-Year (13)Fröbel, Friedrich (2)From The Work Of The Fire Brigade (5)From The Work Of The Red Cross (3)G. Agricola (1)Garden Expo (4)General Assembly Of The International Society For Monuments (4)Geophysical Year (2)Geophysics (5)Georg Fr. Händel (2)German Gymnastics and Sports Festival, Leipzig (2)German Patriots (13)German stamp exhibition DEBRIA (3)Germany Meeting Of The Youth (3)Giving Blood (3)Goethe And Schiller Tribute (3)Gorkij, Maksim (2)Graf Neidhardt By Gneisenau (2)Greifswald university (1)Gymnastics (6)Gymnastics And Sports Festival, Children's And Youth, Leipzi (8)Gymnastics and Sports Party, Leipzig (6)Gymnastics Festival (6)Haendel Festival (3)Half-timbered Buildings (5)Half-timbered Buildings In The GDR (6)Hall Handball-world Championship (4)Halle (4)Historic Aircraft; European airmail exhibition "Lilienthal ' (4)Historic bridges in Berlin (5)Historic City Halls (4)Historic Post Office (5)Historic Postal Uniforms (8)Historic Toys (19)Historic Toys (III) (1)Historical Art Craft (5)Historical Bridges In Berlin (1)Historical Carriages (6)Historical Coins: Cities Credits (5)Historical Dolls (7)Historical Guild Seal (5)Historical Mailboxes (5)Historical Monuments: Pillars Roland (8)Historical Postal Uniforms (1)Historical Seal (5)Home Orchids (6)Horses (7)Human Rights (8)Humboldt University (12)Hunting Beings (6)Hunting Guns From Suhl (8)IFA: Commercial Vehicles (6)IGA Garden Exposition (4)Important Personalities (5)Inauguration Of The Karl Marx Monument (1)Indian Miniatures (4)Inter-Parliamentary Conference (1)Interart Stamp Exhibition, Berlin (4)Intercosmos Program (8)Intercosmos Program, Common Space Flight USSR-DDR (6)International book art exhibition (IBA), Leipzig (6)International Congress For Horse Breeding (4)International Congress for horsebreeding of the socialist st (6)International Congress Of Teachers Of Russian Language And L (1)International fur auction, Leipzig (2)International Furs Trade Fair, Leipzig (4)International geophysical year (1)International Labour Organisation (2)International Leipzig Furs Trade fair (4)International Long-distance Cycling (4)International Meterologe Assembly, Leipzig (6)International peace cycling Berlin - Prague - Warsaw (3)International peace cycling Warsaw - Berlin - Prague (6)International Peace Journey (4)International Philatelic Exhibition SOZPHILEX In '77 (1)International Remind And Memorials (6)International Reminders And Memorials (11)International Rose Exhibition (6)International Solidarity (7)International Stamp Exhibition Of Youth JUNIOR SOZPHILEX, B (2)International Stamp Exhibition SOZPHILEX '80 (3)International Women's Year (4)International Year Against Racial Discrimination (1)International Year Of Disabled People (3)International year of literacy (1)International Year Of Peace (2)International Year Of The Child (2)Internationale (2)Invincible Vietnam (8)J.R. Becher (2)J.W.Stalin (2)Jena Glass (2)Journalists Congress (2)Jugendweihe (2)Karl Marx 150th Birth Anniversary (7)Karl-Marx-Jahr (25)Kunstguß From Lauchhammer (2)Labour Association (2)Labour conference (1)Labour congress (1)Laces from Erzgebirge (7)Land Reform (3)Landscapes (8)Leader Of The German Workers' Movement (7)Leaf Cactus Varieties (3)Leipzig autumn fair (74)Leipzig autunnal Fair (2)Leipzig Sport Festival (5)Leipzig Spring Fair (82)Lenin (6)Lessing, Gotthold E. (1)Liberation (5)Liberation Day (4)Liberation International (2)Lighthouses (5)Literature (1)Luminous, To Beacons And Mole Fire (5)Luther, Martin (3)Luxemburg & Liebknecht (2)Maxim Gorki, writer,(1868-1936),85th birthday (1)Meaning Personalities (4)Medical Library Of The Karl Sudhoff Institute, Leipzig (6)Medical Plants (7)Medicinal Plants (6)Meeting Of President Pieck And Bierut (2)Meeting Of The Postal Union (2)Meeting Of The Standing Committee Of Posts And Telecommunica (1)Meissen Porcelain (10)Meissen Porcelain (II) (1)Meissen porcelain: 250 years of blue onion (9)Memorials In Weimar (6)Message Transfer Funds Of Deutsche Post (2)Milestone (4)Mineral Discoveries (6)Minerals (12)Mining (3)Mining Academy in Freiberg (4)Ministers Of The Organization For Cooperation Of The Sociali (2)Modern Paintings (6)Modern Technology In The Agriculture (5)Month Of The German-Chinese Friendship (3)Month Of The German-Soviet Friendship (2)Monument (2)Monument To The European Resistance Movement Against Fascism (1)Monuments Of The Water (4)Moonlanding (1)Motor Cycling Games (3)Murdered Anti-Fascist Athletes (20)Museum Of German History In Berlin Armory (2)Musical Instruments (6)Myth: From The Dead Princess And The 7 Warriors (6)Narrow Gauge Railways In The GDR (16)Narrow Gauge Railways In The GDR (III) (2)Narrow Gauge Railways In The GDR (IV) (2)National agricultural exhibition, Markkleeberg (3)National Building Memorials (6)National Elections (1)National Exhibition Of The Masters Of Tomorrow (3)National Folk Army (4)National Memorials (30)National Stamp Exhibition (2)National Stamp Exhibition "DDR", Dresden (4)National Stamp Exhibition '84 East Hall (2)National Stamp Exhibition, Magdeburg (4)National Youth Festival Of The GDR (3)National Youth Festival, Berlin (3)Native Songbirds (6)Natural Monuments (5)Nature Conservation (4)Nature Protection (5)Navy Association (3)New W.H.O. building (1)Nikita S. Chruschtschow (2)No Atom Bombs (2)November Revolution (3)Oberhof Ski Championships (2)Observatory (4)Ocean-going Ships (6)October Revolution (8)Official Stamps (232)Old African Art Treasures (6)Old Music Instruments (5)Old Watches (6)Opening of civilian air traffic in the GDR (5)Opening Rail Link Mukran (DDR) Klaipeda (USSR) (3)Optical Museum Jena (5)Orchids (7)Orientation Championship (2)Ornamental Fish (6)Overprint Dam Sosa (1)Package fee stamp (2)Painting (5)Painting Of Old Masters (12)Paintings (29)Paintings From The National Museum Schwerin (6)Paläontological Collections (6)Parachute Jumping (3)Paris Commune (4)Parliament Of The FDJ (2)Parliament Of The Free German Youth (FDJ), Berlin (3)Party Congress (6)Party Congress Of The SED (10)Party Day (4)Peace Congress (2)Peace Cycling Course (2)Peace Day (4)Peace Meeting (3)Pentathlon (5)Pentecost meeting (FDJ); World Festival of youth and student (3)Peoples Congress For Peace (2)Personalities (49)Personalities of the German labor movement (30)Personalities Of The German Labour Movement (20)Personalities Of The Workers There (5)Philatelic Exhibition SOPHILEX (4)Philatelic Exhibition SOZPHILEX (2)Philately (2)Pieck, Wilhelm (6)Pioneer Meet (3)Pioneer Meeting, Dresden (1)Pioneering Meeting, Dresden (1)Pioneering Meeting, Karl-Marx-Stadt (3)Pioneers Meeting (7)Places Of Humanism (2)Planck, Max (2)Plauener Point (8)Playing Cards (4)Poisonous Plants (6)Police (5)Popular art (2)Porcelain (5)Postal Conference (2)Postal Ministers Conference (2)Potsdam Treaty (3)Poultry (6)Praga 88 (1)Preciously Sand glasses and Sundials (1)Protected animals (4)Protected Birds Of Prey (4)Protected Flowers (6)Protected Songbirds (8)Racing Sledge-world Championships, Upper Court (1)Rail Vehicles (6)Railway (4)Railways (4)Ramin & Abendroth (2)Rare Trees And Shrubs (6)Rational Use Of Energy (2)Ravensbruck Memorial (6)Reconstruction Of The New Synagogue Berlin (2)Recovered historic buildings (6)Red Cross (5)Red Cross World Day (2)Registered mail stamp (11)Rehabilitation Of Severely Handicapped In The GDR (2)Rennodel Championships, Oberhof (2)Rennrodel Games (3)Reopening Of The Semper Opera, Dresden (2)Resistance Fighters (2)Returned Art From USSR (6)Reuter, Fritz (2)Road Safety Education (5)Rose Exhibition (3)Rostock (2)Rostock Harbour (2)Russian Winter Fairy Tales (2)Sachsenhausen (3)Sachsenhausen, Stained Glass (3)Sand and Sun Clocks from the State Mathematical-Physical Sal (6)Schiller University (2)Schiller, Friedrich (2)Schiller-Year-1955 (1)Schmoler, Jan Ernst (2)Schubert, Franz (1)Schulze-Boysen/Harnack-Widerstandsorganisation (1)SED Party Day (4)Service And Use Dogs (6)Session Of The International Olympic Committee (IOC), Berlin (2)Shipbuilding (10)Silbermann organs (4)Ski Championships In Oberhof (2)Small Plastics (5)Sofia Festival (2)Solidarity (4)Solidarity With Nicaragua (1)Solidarity With The Chilean People (2)Solidarity With The Palestinian People (1)Sorbian Dance Costumes (7)Sorbian Folk Customs (7)Sorbian Historical Costumes (5)Sosa dam (1)Soviet-American Space Enterprise Of Sojus-Apollo (3)Space (7)Space Flights (16)Space Program (11)Spanish Civil War (6)Spartakiade (5)Special Features Of Construction Of The Freedom Fighter Simó (1)Sport (1)Sport And Recreation (1)Sports (2)Stamp Day (22)Stamp Exhibition (4)Stamp Exhibition Of Youth (6)Stamp Exhibition Of Youth, Berlin (3)Stamp Exhibition of Youth, Erfurt and Karl-Marx-Stadt (2)Stamp Exhibition Of Youth, Erfurt, And Karl-Marx-Stadt (4)Stamp Exhibition Of Youth, Magdeburg (3)Stamp Exhibition Of Youth, Schwerin (3)Stamp Exposition (3)Stamps Austellung Of Young Philatelists (1)State President Wilhelm Pieck (20)Stolen Paintings (6)Summer and Winter Olympics 1960, Rome and Squaw Valley (4)Summer Olympics 1956, Melbourne (2)Summer Olympics 1964, Tokyo (13)Summer Olympics 1968, Mexico City (6)Summer Olympics 1972, Munich (6)Summer Olympics 1976, Montreal (8)Summer Olympics 1980, Moscow (8)Summer Olympics 1988, Seoul (8)Tag Of The Philatelists; 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