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I have been collecting money for about 2-3 years now. It first started when i received an Indian 10 rupee note from a friend. I liked the image of the elephant, tiger and rhino. The second note i had kept was given to me by another friend from a Turkish holiday, it was a 1,000,000 lira note. Then some friends gave me money from the Philippines, Pakistan, Kenya Jordan and Sudan. At this point i decided i wanted to collect money as a hobby, and tried to collect as many countries and notes from my friends as i could. I had travelled a little and lived in the middle east for a while and managed to collect alot of money from the arabian peninsula. I soon learned that not every country in the world has its own currency, and alot no longer produce it. It became evident that i would eventually have to purchase money if i was going to try and get every country.

Now after a year or two, i have compiled a small collection of notes, i thought it might be a good idea to catalogue/present them here. I will be posting all of my notes i have on here over time. Thanks, ash.

Im looking for 6 banknotes if anybody has these or know where i can get them please contact me. I could possibly trade/swap or even buy them. The first is a Japtan island note, they made these in several amounts(5, 10, 25 cents etc). The second is Midway islands 10 goonies short snorter note, these were printed by the us navy crews. Leeward islands, any denomination(i have seen 2 shilling and 6 pence, and various amounts of pound notes). Turks and caicos 1903 one pound note. Now the last two arent exactly banknotes, but are what is called 'chits'. These were printed by the US navy at various navy bases around the world, and were used as a form of money. The first is a johnston island 5c chit, and the second is a Ulithi lagoon 10 cent chit. I have pictures of each one attached in one photo. If you want to know any details about them just ask and i will provide what i know. Thanks, ash.